Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bucket list October 25th San Diego!

 Always wanted to surf. 52 is just a number, Bitches!
 Getting in my zone looking at the ocean while listened to my wise 20 year old (old soul) instructor, Mike.
After half my lesson time we took a break. I was tired! I was proud of myself and calling the board my bitch!

I really enjoyed finally going to San Diego! It was a spontaneous get away with little or no planning on my part but enjoyed the adventure and every fucking moment! I was at the beach everyday I was there and especially at sunset. The small town feel, great weather and laid back atmosphere has really made me want to move there! I would appreciate being outside doing activities I love year around! That is something to plan for!

Music that instantly takes me back to my driving time around San Diego are:

Colony House "Silhouettes", Ed Sherrian "Don't". Sia "Chandelier", Clean Bandit "Rather Be" and Robert DeLong "Long Way Down". Honestly they were always on the radio and playing in the bars along the boardwalk so they are as much a part of my trip and enjoy the "Flashback" to the peace and happiness I felt inside myself on this trip. 

The surfing was "bucket list" and cant wait to do it again. Renting a hybrid bike and biking along the ocean and Mission Bay was so rewarding and beautiful it squeezes my heart to think about.

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

My vacation!


Get with the New Year!

I always want to keep moving in a positive forward direction that makes me happy. Today I ponied up the money to take the online class for real estate. Take that year of the Diva Dominating! Yes, it was a chunk of change and very scary but I am betting on me!

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Feeling the fortune and a New Year

This "New Year" idea has been tough for me to narrow down in to words! I have so much I want to put in the meaning of this but am so wordy! I think I just about have it tweaked.  Here is the recap of all the past years.

2008 the Year of Marta
  Courage Perseverance Commitment

2009 is the Year of Leo Moo
 Pride Prosperity Patience (YoLM)

2010 the Year of the Red Roller
  Reflation Refocillate Raintly

2011 the Year of the Creative Moo - the Perfect Brainstorm   
  obsessive oblectation oligomania

"2012 CreaDiva - Hell on Wheels" Hot ideas burning down the road of creativity.
  cranking creating collaborating

 Lucky '13 - Luck be a Leo
Of the Year 2013, roll with the luck and bring in the green!
   Lively  Lucrative Lyrical

So, the wait is over. I hope I have narrowed it down succinctly. "Rolled with the luck" in 2013. "Let it ride" for year 2 and divide by this year '14. The answer you get the number years revealed of Marta's World and you have seen (7) 

"2014 is the Year of the Diva Dominating"

    Designing Divinely (to my) Destiny
This is the year I am starting a hobby business with my beading, I want to become a Realtor and be better about "Me time". I think this list is realistic. I love the creative outlet from the beads but rest assured I will still be doing my DIY projects! 

That is all for now. I need to clean the house, walk the dog, prepare for the bead show, plan a dinner . . . . the list goes on.    

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A recap post

I have been pretty busy this last several months. I have had some major peaks and some pits this year. All in all another busy year is coming to a calendar end which means I have to decide what the "next year" in My World should be. I have actually done this for several years and have enjoyed it. It started as a joke with a co-worker and I have kept the tradition up for 7 years!  I feel 2014 should keep in the same vein as 2013's thought train but that is all the hint you are going to get. 

I went on my first vacation in several years. I really had a great time with my parents, Auntie SHE SHE and Abby. We went around the Port Towsend area up to Oak Harbor and Coopsville. We were gone for 6 days. It was sooo much fun! I really need to make that happen more often! I took a lot of photos along the way. I will try to narrow down some favs and post them soon. 

My brother Mike was hit-and-run on June 15th. They still have not caught the guy. Mike is in a wheel chair and has been very sick with a "super bug" he caught here at my hospital. He has not been well enough to start working on his legs in hopes they work again. He still has a great attitude. You can donate money at any US Bank branch to the Mike Cooley fund. His pay from his job ends at the end of this month. He is having a hard time. 

The snow flakes turned out really nice and I ave decided to make it a side biz. I will really enjoy the bead show this time!

This will be my "get it off the ground" year. Hang on to your hats and buckle up!

Lots more to say but I think I should call this good for now and post.  

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A new year for Marta

I was walking the halls at work last night delivering like a good drug fairy when it hit me (like it always does) a new year means a new year in Marta's World! No pressure just come up with the title and words for 2014! Well, I dont want to give away anything just yet but I think I have a solid idea! Stay tuned!

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